JDH Analytics, along with the expertise of John Hill, can assist your company with all aspects of regularity related to any commodity traded at the CME Group. This consists of initial applications, increase/decrease in storage/loading capacity, renewal applications, warehouse receipt/shipping certificate management and collateral management. If properly utilized and maintained, regularity can be a very beneficial and profitable hedging tool. JDH Analytics can help your firm navigate through the entire process utilizing years of prior experience and a large network of delivery professionals. We can make the daunting task of CME Group deliveries easy!

JDH Analytics provides professional analysis on all global commodity markets. Fundamental supply and demand analysis is key to insuring you are accurately and competitively pricing your commodity around the world. This includes, but is not limited to, production, storage, marketing and transportation costs. In addition to this, JDH Analytics can partner your company with a licensed broker to help manage all of the price risks associated with your respective products.

In every business, there are times when either the company has too many irons in the fire or has an opportunity to expand their business into other areas. During these times, it helps to have extra expertise to help with the final decision making process. JDH Analytics has an expansive network of professional advisors in the commodity arena to help with any project, large or small. In addition to this, JDH Analytics can work as an intermediary, introducing non-U.S. based companies to U.S. markets and their leaders.

Understanding how to properly use hedging tools is imperative to any business that utilizes raw commodities. Futures, options, basis and over-the-counter (OTC) products are critical in order to succeed in managing your price risk. JDH Analytics provides educational sessions for beginners to advanced users. Short one-day sessions focusing on specific areas of concentration or multi-day sessions covering all areas are available. These sessions will be custom designed to fit your needs. JDH Analytics will develop a course and take care of setting up all arrangements for your session in Chicago or can travel to your local venue for your convenience.

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