JDH Analytics was founded in 2013 to provide analysis, education and consulting services to the global commodity markets. With the ever increasing volatility in both established and emerging markets, there was a void of professional services with the expertise that could encompass all aspects related to commodity markets. JDH Analytics was created to fill this void and to help individuals and companies alike better the commodity markets.

John D. Hill

John’s journey in commodity markets started in 2001 after graduating from Bradley University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He was fortunate enough to be hired by the Chicago Board of Trade to write agricultural market commentaries that were published daily by the Exchange. From there, he moved into the Registrar’s Office where he gained extensive knowledge of cash grain movement through the CBOT delivery system. He was then selected to succeed the former Registrar and took full responsibility for running the CBOT Registrar’s Office. This position required the oversight of all Exchange approved warehouses and shipping stations. In addition to this, the office oversaw the management of all collateral used to guarantee delivery of physical commodities, which consisted of several billion dollars. John then took this knowledge and transitioned into commodity derivatives trading. He managed a cash portfolio trading futures and options on grains and oilseeds at the Chicago Board of Trade, Kansas City Board of Trade and the Minneapolis Board of Trade. His primary focus was fundamental supply and demand trends, inter-commodity spread fundamentals and cost of carry spread trading. To further his knowledge, he left trading to become an Economist for the CME Group’s Commodity Research and Product Development Department while attending graduate school at Loyola University Chicago. During his tenure as an economist, he developed new agricultural exchange traded contracts, provided professional advice on issues related to existing exchange-traded contracts and designed/taught derivative educational sessions.

Taking the knowledge learned from his years working with different Exchanges and as an independent trader, John created JDH Analytics to provide professional market analysis, education and consulting services. This, combined with his vast network of experienced professionals, allows JDH Analytics to be positioned to tackle any job, large or small.

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